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Two of The Auspicious Symbols: The Conch and The Umbrella


Parker Emmerson:
Dharma, Forms, Cessation, and the Source of the Force:

Writings on similar forms within Eastern Religions and the mathematics of a circle’s transforming into a cone, their spiritual significance, and meaning will be posted within this thread.

The auspicious symbols of the umbrella and the conch in Buddhist philosophy are perhaps a hidden message, or a hint to the true nature of reality delivered down through the ages to those who might seek to perceive and inquire. However, the mathematical expression of the, “umbrellic transformation,” is one rarely discussed in Buddhist circles that I have encountered if ever, and it is certainly not vocally embodied in the vibrant message promoted and propagated by the majority of the Buddhist community, though many Buddhists do have a respect for the sciences, and math is highly prized in the societies of India and Nepal.


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