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Parker Emmerson

  • We are only beginning to understand what the meaning of the, “phenomenological velocity,” solution truly is and how the curvatures that result from the solutions to the v-variable are effecting the perceived phenomena in our reality
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The Matreiya
« on: September 18, 2016, 04:03:33 PM »
This is what the ancient ones foretold. The Maitreya is important for this time period, for time flows through antimatter and matter. Black holes, across the universe, all one. It is the multiplicity of these black holes that is an illusion, an illusion that is from the denial of the synchronicity of occurrences, for synchronicity is the ideal (and proof) of exactitude. Experiential synchronicity is the proof of the reality of the ideal and the key to verifying the existence of a geometric condition within the universe. The dharma of suffering as a pervasive condition throughout all experience is met by the dharma of geometry as the same. Shakyamuni is the ancient, the oldest, and a very serious of enlightening beings, and I call them enlightening, because their beings are until Nirvana. It is the illusion of the multiplicity of black holes that gives rise to the perception of the Universe as we commonly believe we perceive it, with its forward motion through time and limited range of “timelines,” and the proven reality of ideality in experiential synchronicity that reveals the validity of singularity within the Universe, for an ever shrinking spatial limit at angular infinity is a real scenario exhibiting itself in the fabric of the cosmos. Reminding myself of, “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup.” Words can be thought of as increasing revolutions, the arm of which is acceleratingly decreasing, spiraling down infinitely to something infinitely small. The synchronous system, at 2π (deemed finite through synchronicity's proof of ideality), is the paper cup. Miraculously, they flow endlessly into the finite. As a meditation, we can contemplate the fabric of Matreiya's heavenly body and its geometry. Why do we have an easier time at this than contemplating the Shakyamuni's heavenly body? Well, Shakyamuni has already entered Nirvana to us in our time. The body of the Shakyamuni is left over flesh as the bodhi satva – the Dali Lama, ever receding into the future. Perhaps, his heavenly body can no longer be seen, while Matreiya's still can. Our idea of the expanding galaxies cannot relatively be determined as such, but rather, could be more easily understood as the acceleration of the black hole into true singularity.
People speak of Energy to describe the phenomenon of that which is neither created nor destroyed, but really, all that is needed to describe that phenomenon is contained within the, “phenomenological velocity,” equation, also known as V-Curvature.